Ho‘owaiwai Youth Leadership Training (HYLT)

Available to MA‘O and Kauhale YLT graduates and pursuing a Bachelors Degree

The Hoʻowaiwai Youth Leadership Training (HYLT) is an internship program designed to facilitate continued leadership development after youth have completed the YLT program. The HYLT works to continue nurturing and strengthening our youth’s personal, academic and professional capacity through specialized engagement in the organizational operations as well by assigning special asset building projects to complete. Interns are assigned to a staff mentor with whom they work collaboratively to accomplish the assigned tasks and overall project goals. All students are required to participate in an Individual Development Account (IDA) matched savings program to be used for their educational needs, and concurrently be enrolled college students working actively toward a 4-year degree. Upon completion of the internship, all students are eligible to apply for a position in a specially designed externship developed in collaboration with several community organizations, including the Kamehameha Schools Community Learning Centers in Nānākuli and Māʻili, the University of Hawaiʻi at West Oʻahu, Mākaha Studios, and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.