Farm to Fork

Farm to Fork

Farm To Fork (F2F) is an exciting opportunity for teachers, parents and students to enjoy a hands-on and minds-on experience at MAʻO Organic Farms. We will learn and share together sustainable and organic farming practices- and even get to taste the food we grow! F2F is appropriate for all ages, keiki through high school, and we will work with you to tailor your visit to meet your learning objectives.

Lets learn the Farm To Fork A-B-C ʻs:

  • Achieve your family or school's education and health goals
  • Become a model for environmental stewardship and sustainability
  • Connect your classroom objectives to our outdoor learning lab

Treat your students to a real field trip: a rich learning experience that provides life-long lessons and teaches practical skills. Every visit includes:

  • An interactive tour of our 24-acre, certified organic farm
  • A hands-on, connective learning experience
  • A taste of the fresh, nutritious and pono fruit and vegetables we grow.

Farm-To-Fork is only held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 9-12pm
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Nā Mahiʻai- Meet Our Youth Farmers

MAʻO Organic Farms is managed by Waiʻanae youth, ages 17-24, who are part time organic farm interns and full-time college students. These youth truly exemplify our farm-to-fork and seed-to-spoon philosophy and practice as they prepare the fields, plant the seeds, care for the plants, harvest the fruits and vegetables, and package and sell everything they grow to restaurants, stores and farmers markets.