ʻAuwai- A Pathway of Education & Entrepreneurship Programs

“Love, respect and the willingness to work.”

 —Uncle William Aila, Sr.

What is the 21st Century ʻAuwai?

Across many generations of working the ʻāina, our kūpuna have bequeathed us the abundance of our ahupuaʻa and moku. These ancestors worked diligently to enhance the natural waterways, building ʻauwai that intentionally managed precious fresh water within the ahupuaʻa to ensure that the people and the ʻaina flourished.

Extending from the poʻowai, the headwaters, to the muliwai, the nearshore estuaries, the ʻauwai is a key organizing principle of our people, weaving producers of our crops and the caretakers of our fisheries into a sophisticated and abundant closed-loop community food system that linked people to the ʻāina through a practice.

To affirm the resiliency of our ancestral frameworks, our work organizes our educational and entrepreneurial programs to the ʻauwai principle. We have linked our ʻāina resources and communities of practice to create a contemporary ʻauwai, a pathway for our youth, that starts from the poʻowai of pre-natal care, through to primary, secondary and post-secondary pathways that end at the muliwai of pono, living wage, & sustainable employment.